3D origami Paint paper for origami pieces (black paper)

Video description

Shows how to paint 3D origami paper. Or how to make your hands black triangular piece of origami.

If you need a specific color paper then you can easily make it with their hands. This will require regular clerical mascara. This ink, dye and not as mascara does not leave any marks on your hands or adjacent modules in origami.

Such paper we use to make triangular piece for modular origami necessary to us black, green or any other color here.

We will need:

- Clerical ink;

- Brush;

- Blanks for pieces white.

Apply the brush ink on the blank for pieces

Give the blanks dry and apply mascara the reverse side. Carcasses not spare let the good impregnated paper.

When a workpiece dry - can make triangular pieces. Withered hand ink not stain.

Also shows how to make a black triangular piece

Now you know how to (Paint paper) make the pieces of rare flowers such as such as black, dark blue and green.

Also you can see how to make other 3D origami